Black Justice Flow Fund

*Please note our Funding Circles review proposals by Invitation Only*

Our Mission

To support and empower Black leaders in the advancement of Black justice in America. We envision building trusting relationships, and letting go of power and restrictions in our funding, bringing joy for gifters and receivers. We believe that those who live and work in the areas repressed by systemic racism understand the best solutions and opportunities, and their voices must be heard, heeded and respected.

Our Strategy and Focus

We experimental funding group created in response to the glaring social injustices that became part of mainstream collective consciousness in the Summer of 2020. Our circle has chosen to innovate our process and utilize FLOW FUNDING. The Leaders will receive funds directly for their time and talent; and will distribute the majority of funds directly to organizations of their choosing. 

Grant Cycle Guidelines:


Leaders will be located outside of major metropolitan areas  and be working on Black justice issues outside of urban areas in the United States (preference is for locations receiving limited philanthropic funding).


Leaders receive funds directly for their time and talent & distribute a portion of grant funds raised.


Leaders do NOT need to complete an application.


Funds will be distributed on a rolling basis.