*Please note our Funding Circles review proposals by Invitation Only*

Our Mission

Reform the election process so all citizens can vote, all votes are counted accurately, and elections reflect the true will of the majority. We will fund work to end voter suppression, protect the vote count, and reform redistricting and campaign finance laws. We spend millions on political campaigns, but only pennies to protect the vote itself. That must change, and that is our mission.

Our Strategy and Focus

Our primary focus is to reform the election process so that elections are fair, transparent, honest, and accurately reflect the will of the majority of the people. This is a critical issue for Threshold because: Elections are key to almost every other issue we work on, and they are the most important way to hold our political leaders accountable; the vote is the only political power that many people have; and our elections are not transparent, fair or honest today. Many citizens are denied the right to vote or are severely discouraged from voting. There is much evidence that past elections have been hacked and almost all elections systems are still very vulnerable to electronic distortion whether from insiders, corporate interests or foreign countries. Election outcomes are also often rigged through gerrymandering, and the lack of limits on campaign spending encourages corruption and control of elections by the rich and powerful.

Grant Cycle Guidelines:


Part of our mission is to fund organizations which defend the voting rights of people of color who are often the targets of voter suppression.


We prefer funding smaller organizations (generally budgets under $1.5M) where a Threshold grant can have a significant impact on our grantee partners' work. We prefer to fund work on issues which are critical but not as visible to the public due to a lack of media coverage and therefore don't come to the attention of other funders.


The Fair Elections Funding Circle will fund both 501(c)4 and 501(c)(3) organizations that work within the United States. Activities we support may include direct lobbying of federal and state legislators; public education and organizing in key districts; building relationships with state election officials and cyber security experts; networking and collaboration with other civic and civil rights organizations; litigation; and attempts to reach across party lines whenever possible.


We look to fund independent, nonpartisan citizen groups who are reaching out to the political center. We will be looking for opportunities to fund work that can have a domino effect–that can serve as a model for other organizations and states.