*Future Advancement of Children & Education Funding Circle sunset in August 2020. Our grantees continue to do amazing and critical work in the field.*

Our Mission

We know that improving the future of our planet begins with the future of our children and education, now.

FACE’s mission is to bring trust, love, and empowerment into current and emerging education systems.


Our Strategy and Focus

To change the dominant educational paradigm we must unlearn isolation and directly experience interdependence and coexistence. We must learn to see ourselves and our children as deeply connected to Self, society and nature. Transformational Education’s intention is to support initiatives committed to fostering global citizens who are empowered - and inspired - to take responsibility for the sustainability of the planet, who embrace coexistence, and have a deep awareness of their place in the emerging world.

Mass environmental disasters occur daily, misuse of exponential technology takes over our lives, and hate too often overrules the power of love; we are not prepared to solve the world’s greatest problems because we cannot think for ourselves.

2020 Grant Recipients

Amala Foundation

Biomimicry Institute


Global Xploration Education Society

Global Youth Peace Summit - California

Grant Cycle Guidelines:


We provide program support as well as general operating support, and usually do not fund organizations with budgets larger than $2 million.


We fund organizations with
501(c)3 status.


We fund organizations that work both within the U.S. and internationally.