Justice Fund

*Please note our Funding Circles review proposals by Invitation Only*

Our Mission

The Justice Fund will highlight one issue area within the expansive context of creating a just, joyful, and generative world. Acknowledging the extensive work that needs to be done, our Threshold Funding Venture will focus each year on one area of JUSTICE that is ignited by current events. As we head into each grant cycle, Active members will have the opportunity to suggest a specific area for all Active members to rank and determine the next JUSTICE topic.

Our Strategy and Focus

In 2022, we begin with a focus on Health Justice. The COVID crisis exposed glaring disparities in healthcare in the USA. We will embrace Threshold’s legacy of searching for groups/movements at ‘the threshold’, the edge of philanthropy.

This journey also includes the examination and practice of power and privilege, by embracing the Funding Venture concept of releasing control and allowing the Foundation team and experts in the field who we will partner with to create the docket and make final grant allocations. Perhaps one member of threshold who gives a minimum of 10k can also participate for their own learning in this sector. As members we provide financial support, trust in the process, and heart-centered intention to provide sharing and education for the full Threshold community. The Funding Venture’s commits to an educational session for the community, whether virtual or in person, as we support the furthering of our philanthropic learnings.

Grant Cycle Guidelines: